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米eldin®7021 | 15% Graphite Filler

米eldin® 7021

米eldin®7021 features a 15% (by weight) graphite self-lubricating filler encaspulated by the base polyimide resin.

This material has a low coefficient of friction and high heat resistance, making it an excellent choice for high temperature bearings, seals, thrust washers and other low-wear applications.

米eldin®7021 provides consistent mechanical and performance properties for aircraft airframe systems such as landing gear and fuselage components, as well as jet engine parts such as pads, bumpers, washers, seals, and bearings.

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Thermoset Polyimide with 15% by Weight Graphite Filler




Best for service in vacuum and in extreme dry conditions

Working Temperature Range -423°F to +600°F [-253°C to +315°C]
米anufacturing Methods Isostatic molded
Direct formed
Compression molded
Shape Availability Rod (up to 37")
Sheet (12"x12")
Finished parts
Tubes, discs, blocks

Agency Approvals

米eets ASTM D6456-99 Type 2, Class 1
米eets AMS3644 class 2
米eets Mil-R-46198 Type 2, Class 1(superceeded)
米eets Honeywell MCS5016 Type 2, Class 1
米eets Rolls Royce MSRR9206
Replaces Vespel®SP-21

Vespel is a Registered Trademark of DuPont Polymers, Inc.